What do you know about drinking ketones? 

Drinking pure therapeutic ketones (not the crap that you can get on Amazon or Walmart) 

But actual bio-identical ketones that your body has no idea if you DRANK ketones or did the restrictive keto diet for 6-8 weeks to get fat adapted!

Watch this cartoon video

This explains the science behind it, better than I can.

After years and years and hundreds of dollars wasted on stupid products… I found the power of drinking ketones! 

They are NOT required for success but highly suggested to make your life EASIER.

Think of it this way - you have to do the keto diet for 6-8 weeks to get fat adapted… 

That means, no carbs, perfect & counting macros, lots of fasting, great sleep, no stress… etc. It’s even longer for the majority of people who have metabolic and auto-immune disorders. 

YA GIRL LIKES TO KETO AND BURRITO!! And I’m sure you do too! 

OR you can drink ketones…and get the benefits of the diet in 60 mins, NO MATTER WHAT DIET YOU DO. 

Think of them as the “cheat code” to ketosis -- that allows you more carb flexibility in your diet. 

If you’re doing the keto diet already -- this will actually help you get Fat Adapted faster because MORE ketones will train your body to UTILIZE them better. 

This works no matter what diet you do.

Benefits include

  • Energy,
  • focus,
  • faster fat loss,
  • appetite suppression,
  • better skin,
  • sleep,
  • anti-aging,
  • muscle building/preservation,
  • longer fasting capabilities,

and I could go on and on…

When I started drinking these, I couldn’t keep my eyes open and I could not walk unassisted. I was also on disability and living in NYC.

This product has changed my life and the Pruvit community and the business opportunity that I didn’t want to do at ALL to completely transform my money situation too.

Check out my story here

I am not big on supplements -- but these are the best things on the market that actually WORK.

I don’t promote anything else...I’m a huge fan of not buying shit you don’t need. (Except at Target! HAHA) 

We have an amazing offer for first-time customers!  

A drink your ketones challenge for $99 (usually $130+tax and shipping) 

This comes with my Ten Day Tune-Up Program which includes: 


  • 10 VIDEO TRAINING SERIES - I’ll give you my KISSKETO Method so you know how to keto simply and easily and 10x your results with your PTKs
  • TEN DAY TUNE-UP GUIDE --- dive and learn how to tune up quickly in 10 days
  • KETO APPROVED FOOD LIST - so you know exactly what is allowed on Keto
  • RECIPE GUIDEBOOK - to show you exactly what you should be eating while on keto
  • KETO HACK A RESTAURANT GUIDE -- know exactly how and what to order when you're dining out 
  • DAILY ACTIVITY TRACKER - to keep you on track every single day
  • GROUP SUPPORT: daily prompts in the workbook and unlimited Q&A in our Community so you feel supported and can get your questions answered. 
  • FREE KETONES - Contest to Win a FREE Box of PTKs 
  • Once you place your order for the challenge -- send me a screenshot and I’ll send you the program access! 


I know what you are thinking OMG, not ANOTHER supplement… and OMG it’s EXPENSIVE.


I know, I felt the same way too. What I have found though is that it’s an INVESTMENT and I SAVED MONEY because I wasn’t eating all day, anymore. 


It’s an INVESTMENT in your health and consider this, what is it COSTING you to not at least try them? 


Also for perspective -- How much money do you waste on energy drinks, crappy products, fast food, and crap you don’t need at target? 


Just saying… 

Can’t swing the $99? 

(all purchases will still come with the Ten Day Tune-up!)