NAT is a pure therapeutic ketone that elevates your blood ketone levels in just 30 mins. No extreme diet is required.

It takes someone 6-8 weeks to become fat adapted.

This is the CHEAT CODE to #Ketosis.

The most successful people drink 1-2 a day and eat a low-carb diet.

Benefits include:

  1. Ketosis in 30 mins
  2. Mental clarity
  3. Energy
  4. Focus
  5. Appetite suppression
  6. Carb Craving control
  7. Pro-longs fasting
  8. Reduces keto flu
  9. Anti-aging
  10. Muscle building/preservation
  11. Better sleep
  12. Better mood
  13. Regulates hormones, digestion, and metabolism
  14. BOOSTS your natural ketone production while on the keto diet

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