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After a decade of trying to figure it out on my own, I finally figured out what works... I created (and executed) a simple and easy approach to Ketogenic Lifestyle that's based on my 5 basic focus points that will get you FAST results.

How do I know this? Because I’ve revitalized my own health and I want that for you too.

My knee popped with excruciating pain and at that moment I knew my life was about to change forever.

I was 19, in my prime, and living without a care in the world before it happened. I had no clue that this was only the beginning of things going from bad to worse, way worse.

I was just starting college, meeting a ton of new friends, dating… the last thing I thought I would be doing was spending my time between classes in doctor's offices, taking tons of medications, having multiple surgeries, or filing insurance claims.

I woke up from my second surgery and my entire body was inflamed. My cheeks looked like Alvin + the Chipmunks and my knees looked like I had grown cantaloupes. I remember freaking out -- I kept asking over and over again:

“What is wrong with me?”
“It’s all in your head”
“You’re not that swollen”
“It will go down in a few days”

These were the lies I was told. When the lies hit my ears, I knew at that moment that my life was never going to be the same and this was only the beginning of a 12-year, uphill battle...

This was a war that was life or death and I didn’t know if I was going to win…

When I left the hospital that’s when the real battle began. Don’t mind me, “Grandma” Mandy coming through… I would say this to strangers or new friends in order to distract them from asking questions on why I could barely put one foot in front of the other.

My knees were so deformed, I tucked my arms in to keep balance but I ended up walking like a little baby dinosaur.

I was 25 years old, trapped inside an 80-year-old body…

I saw doctor after doctor. I was on a laundry list of anti-inflammatories, vitamins or supplements, and pharmaceuticals, but nothing was helping. Each doctor would shrug and say, "It's just something you'll have to live with."

I remember leaving appointments completely defeated. “Is this the body I am stuck with?” “Why can’t I get any answers?” “Who is going to help me?” I cried alone in my bed while my friends were in the other room living their “normal” lives.

I was scared. I was alone. I was f-ing miserable, despite the brave face I would show others.

This was my life for over a decade. As time passed, I was willing to try anything. I saw holistic doctors and naturopathic doctors only to leave feeling more confused or like I was being scammed. Some protocols were WAY too weird, impossible to follow or the treatments were simply financially out of reach.

Every other week -- I jumped on the latest "supplement" that claimed to reduce inflammation --- blah blah blah. Again... nothing.

I tried fasting for dangerous lengths of time to “detox” my body in hopes that my body would just fix itself. I even attempted the different bloggers' “diet trends” to see which one would work for me, including Paleo and Primal.

I felt guilty if I didn’t follow something 100% to “their” teaching. I was also 25 and wanted to enjoy burritos and margaritas like “normal” adults. The cycle was “on” and “off” some sort of “something” over and over again… and the results were always the same: Nothing. Nada. Zero. Zilch.

I was dead set on calling it quits. I can’t remember how many times I wanted to throw in the towel. Whatever you wanna call it… at my lowest of lows, my mind was going to some really dark places.

Why keep putting myself through disappointment after disappointment if I'm just going to be a hopeless cause? So why bother fighting it anymore? It didn’t matter what diet or protocol I attempted to do.  I decided I could self-medicate, stuff my face with carbs + drink copious amounts of alcohol. I was really good at fake smiling through the pain. Partying was fun because I could "fit in" and "keep up"... and nobody would notice my wobbly walk when I was wasted. I was on the merry-go-round of “on and off” again and I couldn’t get the f*ck off the ride.

Here’s what it looked like: Binge eat and party when I was frustrated or, I was pretending to “fit in and live my best life.” Then up goes my weight and my inflammation which would trigger the:

“I can’t do this anymore” pattern and I was going to “finally stick to it” for the 100th time.

The truth was: I felt like shit whether I was eating burritos or if I was eating kale + chicken. Deep down, I was unhappy, frustrated, and I wanted to give up… "I’ll be like this forever."

I had to go home and visit my dad who I hadn’t seen in forever and I was about to get a huge wake-up call I never expected.

“Honey, you look like sh*t,” he said. Before you go all internet TROLL on my Pops... my dad is the sweetest guy, but also an honest guy too. He wasn't saying it to be mean.  He said it because... well... it was true. My eyes were sunken in.  My BMI got dangerously low. I could barely get into the car from the airport and I needed him to put my bag in the trunk.

He was right, I felt like sh*t. I looked like sh*t. I was scared and wasn’t sure how I was going to continue living this way. How was I supposed to work, go to doctor appointments, take time off for possible surgeries, pay my rent while focusing on getting myself better? How could I survive it all?


 For the first time, I talked openly about what I was going through. The pressure I felt, the dark thoughts I was having, The unhealthy habits I was developing. Without knowing this, he became my coach at that moment. He gave me permission I needed to finally put myself first. He encouraged me to do whatever it is I needed to do to just get better.


I broke down, like the kind you aren’t proud of and don’t tell others about publicly. Crying in the shower, sobbing alone at night, not wanting to get out of bed in the morning kind of breakdown.

Looking back, I’m grateful for this now. It led me to finally breakthrough.

As Jerry Maguire put it “breakdown… = breakthrough”.

I stood up and decided to finally take matters into my own hands… I stopped fighting AGAINST my situation and starting fighting THROUGH. I found an amazing doctor within a few weeks. He not only diagnosed me but he became a partner, supporter, coach and advocate.  He believed in ME and gave me HOPE.  I realized that while I couldn’t change my disease or diagnosis -- I could change how I was treating my body.

I took control and I became OBSESSED with my health. No more avoiding. No more making excuses. No more “off and on” again. I was FEARless.  I decided that NOTHING was going to get in my way anymore.


I knew I had more inside of me and I had to become fiercely focused on that mission. Anyone or anything that did not align with that mission - had to go.  I stopped following everything to the letter according to the online “guru.” I started eating primarily meat, veggies and fats to fuel my BODY not my FEELINGS.

I discovered the power of ketones and how healing they are for the body. I committed to fiercely self and spiritually developing.  These are very SIMPLE tactics that were in front of me, the ENTIRE TIME… I was overlooking them because I was CHOOSING not to SEE it.

Once I opened my eyes, once I got serious about my health, once I decided I was more than my excuses, and once I started believing I was enough is when  EVERYTHING began to change.

I stopped taking NO for an answer and started to BELIEVE I could have the life and body I’ve always wanted, that is exactly what happened. My inflammation started to go down. My body started to heal.  My energy went through the roof. I started loving myself again.

Now, I finally have the life I’ve always wanted, I get to work, travel, and enjoy life to the fullest…

It’s now my job to coach and inspire others who feel trapped inside their bodies.  You do NOT need to live this way. Healthy living and having the life you’ve always wanted doesn’t have to be complicated, expensive, or out of reach.

And you NEVER have to walk this journey alone.