What is a Keto Reboot?

The reboot is a ketone fasting program for 60 hours!

Benefits include:

  • fat loss
  • increase energy
  • appetite control
  • reduction in carb cravings
  • total cellular detoxification

What to Consume During the REBOOT?

You will ONLY consume contents of cleansing kit & water:

  • Keto//NAT (energy)
  • Better Broth (lunches)
  • Signal//OS (signaling and detoxifying pills)
  • Pro-TONE (muscle building post Reboot)

The Goal

Have your body produce its own ketones, while drinking therapeutic ketones, so you are functioning optimally.

Who is this for?

If you...

  • Fallen off the wagon and can't get back on
  • Can't control carb cravings
  • Need a sleep reset
  • Want better physical performance
  • Stalled and don't know why
  • Constantly mindless eating (you might not even be aware)
  • Want to detox yourself from the 100K environmental toxins you're exposed to prior to leaving the house.

24 Hour REBOOT Kit

If you are not ready for the full 60 hours REBOOT?

You can also Grab your 24-hour kit to start with.


You can also join the HQ KETO REBOOT SUPPORT Group during your REBOOT.